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Kayleen Kelly Home Organizing Coaching Center


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The 150+ page COMPLETE CORE 4 KIT digital download includes our 70 page COACHING KIT plus 80+ page FULL HOME KIT. 

The 70 page COACHING KIT is a deep immersion into The CORE 4 METHOD. Experience working 1:1 with me as I coach you through the steps just as if I was in your home. Discover WHY WE HAVE CLUTTER & HOW TO OVERCOME IT. Gain access to all of my tips, tricks, and professional advice. The COACHING KIT answers all your burning questions like: where to start, how much to own, and how to overcome all the roadblocks to decluttering and organizing your home.  Learn how to finally take back your space, set boundaries, and create positive habits that will lead to LONG-TERM RESULTS. 


The 80+ page FULL HOME KIT digital download provides all the guidance and tools you need to declutter and organize your entire home! Gain access to the CORE 4 Method, Complete Room Guide, 3 Second Rule and so much more. The FULL HOME KIT includes the Step-by-Step Room Packets: BEDROOM & CLOSET | BATHROOM | STORAGE CLOSETS | LAUNDRY | KITCHEN | PANTRY | WORKSPACE | PAPERWORK & FILING SYSTEM | SENTIMENTAL. Learn how to make quick and confident decisions, figure out where things belong, and what products to use in every space of your home. The FULL HOME KIT also includes a 18 page Workbook that helps you stay on track with helpful checklists and allows you to explore your personal connection to clutter and how to finally break the cycle.

The CORE 4 COMPLETE KIT is the ultimate choice to create a functional home. This low-pressure METHOD guides you through small steps that lead to big results! 

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: Non-Refundable. Download Link Limited to 2 Downloads Only. 

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